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Lieutenant William Trimmer

Name William Thomas Trimmer

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Date of Birth 03/20/2345

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 175
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description William is of average build and height, not a large man by any means but in great shape. His bright green eyes are catching to anyone who take a moment to glance over him. When clean shaven William looks nearly 10 years younger.


Spouse Emily Saunder-Trimmer (Ex-Wife
Children Natalie Trimmer
Robert Trimmer
Father Marcus Allen Trimmer (Deceased)
Mother Judith Marie Trimmer
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lt. Nicole Rochelle Trimmer-Hodges
Other Family none of significance

Personality & Traits

General Overview William's life experiences have shaped who he is today, he's a patient laid back gentlemen most of the time with thick skin. He's well rounded, and knowledge in many subjects beyond that of flight operations including: Exobiology, Meteorology, and Archaeology. William also tends to be the guy who know all kinds of meaningless facts and he's not afraid to sharie them. He's always been a natural leader, and people tend to drift towards him. His personality is one that people enjoy being around and he's a well liked and respected member of the crew. When he's off shift he enjoy a good holonovel, horseback riding, fishing, spending time with his friends an family. His steaks of the BBQ are known from one end of the quadrant to the other, and if it know he's fired up the BBQ you can bet almost the entire crew will be there.

A weight constantly on his mind are his children, and he occasionally feels a great deal of resent towards his decision to maintain a StarFleet career. He's been away from his kids more than he's been with them and missed some of the most important parts of their lives. Its something that eats at him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Williams leadership abilities are one of his greatest strengths and weakness. Its put him in many positions he didn't want or desire, especially during the war. He tends to enjoy helping those who are considered a lost cause, and at times has helped people to his own detriment, both professionally and personally.
Ambitions William's children are his biggest ambitions in life, he has been trying for years to find the balance between being a father and a StarFleet officer. He loves the Federation and StarFleet and strives to serve to the fullest even when he'd rather be back on Earth with his children. There is also a special love of horses going all the way back to childhood on the farm in Georgia. At one time he even fancied himself as a trainer.
Hobbies & Interests -Horseback Riding
-Flying any type of ship or aircraft he can get his hands on.
-Writing Holonovels

Personal History William Thomas Trimmer was born on March 20th 2345 to Marcus Allen and Judith Marie Trimmer in Clayton Georgia on the North American Continent on Earth. As a child he enjoyed many activities, riding horses, fishing, and spending time with his family on the Tallulah River. One of his most precious memories as a child was his visit to the Smithsonian Museum of Aviation and Space. He was 8 years old and after his visit he knew what he wanted to do. Fly, and fly anything.

His interest in aviation became an obsession, and by the age of 13 William was a skilled and talented pilot. He started out learning how to fly some of the historical aircraft which had initially triggered his obsession with flight. Though the practical use of gas combustion engines had since been taken over by more environmentally friendly propulsion sources he still managed to find some instructors who still owned, operated and taught people how to fly the "Old School" way as his instructor Mark Kenmore you to put it.

Williams first time at the helm of a space craft was at age 16. A small civilian trainer owned by Mark. His first ride out of the atmosphere was one he would never forget, he knew right away what he was doing with his life.

William applied and was accepted to StarFleet Academy in 2362, he started school in the fall and majored in Flight Operations, Diplomatic Relations, and minored in Archaeology. His sophomore year he was recruited to Nova Squadron after the commanding cadet Niels Wilhelm saw some of William's moves during a shuttle evaluation. He quickly made friends with the members of Nova Squadron except for a Cadet named Emily Saunders. Emily and William were always in competition with each other. Emily had always found William to be arrogant, annoying, and occasionally reckless, but that soon changed during the two's senior year at the academy. Love blossomed between to the two in the fall of 2366 and by spring of 2367 Emily was pregnant with Natalie, she was completed here senior year, but chose not to accept a commission to raise their daughter.

William graduated with honors and degrees in Flight Operations, Warp Theory, and Diplomatic Relations in May of 2367. William and Emily were married 3 days after graduation in San Francisco, in s small ceremony with immediate family and close friends. The Battle of Wolf 359 had occurred three months prior and William recieved orders the day after their ceremony.

He had been assigned to the USS Galaxy, a Galaxy class vessel and the first in her class, as a Flight Control Officer. William was proud to serve on her, she was a grand ship and multi mission capable. She saw many diplomatic mission which allowed William to watch and observe some of the best Diplomats in the Federation work.
In 2370 he received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was transferred to Starbase 74 where he was assigned as the Assistant Flight Operations Officer overseeing all station related transports of personnel, supplies, and various different missions. William found the job to be very monotonous and he rarely found himself where he wanted to be, actually sitting behind the helm. He was a just paper pusher for the most part, and he hated it. The only positive to being assigned at Starbase 74 was he could have his family aboard the station with him. After year at Starbase 74 William was ready for something different and requested transfer to a Starship. He was assigned to the USS Dallas, the last of the Excelsior Class vessels to be built as the Assistant Chief Flight Operations Officer in 2371. This got him back to the helm, and back to jumping from star to star.

In 2371 his son Robert was born on the Excelsior, he was thrilled to have a son. His children were the most important part of him, and at times he regretted the life he'd chosen. He missed out on most of their big accomplishments. First Steps, graduation from Kindergarden, and their first lost tooth. In 2372 William received a field promotion to Lieutenant after the Chief Flight Control Officer of the Dallas was killed in a freak shuttle accident while returning to the ships shuttle bay. He briefly served as the Chief Flight Control Officer but was passed up for the promotion. He was returned to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade at his post.

The start of the Dominion War in 2373 prompted StarFleet to put their best on the frontlines. Emily and the kids were sent back to Earth and William was reassigned to the USS Galaxy once again. This time as her Chief Flight Control Officer. William and the Galaxy saw many engagements during the war and were a pivotal in assets during the Battle for Deep Space Nine, the First Battle of Chin'toka, and the Battle of Cardassia. During the Battle of Cardassia William was severely injured while protecting a fellow crewman from the Jem'Hadar after several members of the a Dominion ship attempted to over run the Dallas to gain access to her central computer. The Jem'Hadar were not successful in their attempt to access the core and ultimately lost the battle after several Cardassian battle groups joined forces with the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans. William was awarded the Starfleet Purple Heart for his wound, the Combat Action Ribbon, and the Federation Defense Service Metal in 2375.

In 2378 William was promoted to Lieutenant and remained on the USS Galaxy. He'd had a very special place in his heart for the ship. He and Emily had divorced in 2377 after he turned down an assignment at StarFleet Head Quarters which would have allowed him to return to Earth. He knew the job they were offering wasn't for him and that his place was still on the Bridge of a Starship guiding here through the stars. In 2379 the USS Galaxy was recalled to Drydock for refit. The refit schedule was to last for 3 years and William was reassigned to the USS Liberty as her Chief Flight Control Officer.

Service Record 2366-2367: StarFleet Academy

2367: Commissioned as an Ensign

2367: Transfer: USS Galaxy, Flight Control Officer

2370: Transfer: Starbase 74, Assistant Flight Operations Officer

2371: Promotion: Lieutenant Junior Grade

2372: Transfer: USS Dallas, Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

2373: Transfer: USS Galaxy, Chief Flight Control Officer

2373: Promotion: Lieutenant

2380: Transfer: USS Liberty, Chief Flight Control Officer
Medical History Shoulder Injury from hand to hand combat with Jem'Hadar warrior during the Battle of Cardassia.

No other significant medical issues.


In Character Awards 2375: Purple Heart

2375: Federation Defensive Service Metal (Dominion War)

2375: Combat Action Ribbon (Dominion War)
Out Of Character Awards