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Ensign Casshan Kincaid

Name Casshan Kincaid

Position Counselor

Second Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 24
Date of Birth 2356

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7" (170.18cm)
Weight 185 lbs (84.1kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description This guy puts you in mind of a savvy alley cat the way he carries himself and his silky, straight, black hair is short and is worn in a spiky style. He is of average height and has a fit body build. His skin is tanned and sports tribal tattoos, on the sides of his head, neck, down the front of his torso and on his legs ending at his angles. His off duty wardrobe is dignified and attractive, with a completely black and white colour scheme.


Father Braka Kincaid
Mother Ashlee Kincaid She started studying psychology from her high school years and upon graduation was accepted into the First University of Betazed in the top 20. Ashlee then met Braka at the university, they hit it off quite quickly for he was a little unstable in the membrane.
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview He puts himself before others and even wants to help enemies but he will keep safe or find a way to talk the enemy out of fighting. He's a firm believer in second chances. Although he does sometimes think about his image more than he does anyone else he makes up for it in his boundless caring, love and forgiveness. Become a friend to him and have a friend for life; though he can be a little difficult but only sometimes. He can be a little too open-minded for his own good yet somehow finds a way out of trouble.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sometimes shallow. Telempath. A good loyal friend. Open-minded. A bit silly.
Ambitions Make some kind of difference in life; unsure of the how.
Hobbies & Interests Writing, reading, playing holonovels, finding out what makes people tick, swimming laps and skinny dipping, cooking, rock climbing.

Personal History Being the son of career parents it was a difficult time for Casshan to make friends at any stage of his childhood. He was shared between his parents as they had separate assignments as his father, Braka Adams, served in the Marine Corps and his mother, Ashlee Adams, commanded her own starship for pretty much all of Casshan's life.

Braka was in special operations and was away for months at a time; Ashlee did however allowed her first officer to take command more often while she mothered Casshan till he was 8 years and childcare could take him. He developed his telempathic senses early and this caused much conflict while at childcare, preschool and only the first year of primary school.

Ashlee had arranged for Casshan to have meetings with the Betazoid counselors on her ship so they could teach him how to control his telepathy and perfecting his empathic barriers. At the third year of primary Casshan was a changed boy and no longer a disruption; though he was a little rebellious and wanted friends so would do naughty things to get noticed by his peers.

Before long he had two others being unruly with him; his grades however remained above average which did confuse his teachers. Well the ones who had the misfortune of witnessing his mischief. During his 5th year he realised that he was attracted to other boys which scared him and tried to hide it from his buddies-in-crime whom he was attracted to funnily enough.

Let's just say that Casshan experimented and enjoyed the pleasures of and lived life to the fullest. Unfortunately when he passed primary school at 13, Casshan's mother earned a position amongst the Admiralty and the Kincaid family moved to Earth. Casshan decided to tell his two friends he liked them more then buddies and hoped to see them again sometime in the future.

At this stage Casshan began to show an interest in the science of the mind and his mother was all too happy get additional tutors as Casshan went through secondary schooling on Earth. While studying on Earth, Casshan had gotten interested in the ancient Egyptian art and symbolism. Most of it had spiritual meaning and offered protection in a variety of ways, as a result he put several of them into a full body tattoo design that he wanted to get when he was older. He did occasionally practice the ancient rituals for the protection and seeking guidance. It was more the ritual itself that had Casshan's interest and it provided some form of exercise.

During the 11th year Casshan had crushed on several guys and each had eventually succumbed his overtures as he had become more comfortable in his homosexual skin. Upon turning 18 after he graduated secondary school Casshan joined Starfleet Academy straight after.

His mother sponsored him and he elected the medical branch specializing in Counseling along with doing all the basic courses during his first and second years at the Academy. Casshan formed many friendships and two of them developed deeper, one after the other with a month in between. Both of them enjoyed it but both ended in a mutual decision to as they really wanted no strings attached; this didn't bother Casshan much as the Academy became more demanding during his third year.

Now he could add Diplomacy to his list of classes. His fourth year he was just above average in all areas and approached the Diplomatic Corps Instructor if he could do training after graduation. The instructor agreed and many others requested the same.

With the course over Casshan now had to find assignments and began his career on the Olympic; an Olympic class medical vessel. During the 2 years on the Olympic, apart from assuming Diplomatic duties Casshan received several tattoos that held spiritual beliefs that he learned from ancient times in Egypt, minus the negative ritualism that they did.
Service Record Academy - 4 years graduated 2374.
Diplomatic Negotiation and First Contact advanced Courses. Counselling Psychology and Psychiatry Advanced Courses - 2 years ended 2376.
USS Olympic - Counselor, 2 years. Got his tattoos.
USS Olympic - Counselor/Diplomatic Officer, 2 years. Ended 2380
USS Liberty - Counselor/Diplomatic Officer - Current.
Medical History


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