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Captain Horatio Refelian

Name Horatio Refelian

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10
Weight 78kg
Hair Color Black and Grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description For an older man, Harry is physical fit and likes to stay that way.


Spouse Fleur Refelian (Deseased)
Children Paloma Hunter nee Refelian
Maxwell Refelian
Father Jonah Refelian
Mother Mary Refelian
Brother(s) Maximus Refelian
Sister(s) Victoria Refelian
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Horatio Refelian was born to Jonah and Mary Refelian in 2326 at the Luna New Berlin. Both of his parents where civilian engineers who worked at Utopia Shipyards.

As the years went by, the family grew with a sister, Victoria, being born in 2328 and a brother, Maximus, in 2336.

As Horatio was 10 when his youngest sibling was born, he didn’t really have much to do with the baby. Choosing to spend his time studying so he could excel at school and eventually become a Starfleet Captain.

Although his parents weren’t keen on him serving in Starfleet, they supported his wishes and helped him as best as they could. Jonah hoped that Horatio would follow in their foot steps and become an Engineer. But it was Operations and Diplomacy that caught the young Horatio’s interest.

At the age of 18, he moved to San Francisco and enrolled into Starfleet academy.

During his 22nd birthday celebration, he was introduced to a lovely young lady called Fleur. Horatio, or Harry as known but his friends at the academy, fell head over heels for her. A year later, they were married.

During the early part of Harry’s career, Fleur wasn’t allowed on the ships that he served on. So Fleur moved to the sector where his ships were based.

In 2351 Harry and Fleur’s first child was born, a girl which they name Paloma. Although Harry didn’t get to see his small family very often but he always managed to get home at least once a month.

2355 saw big changes within Starfleet with bigger ships and more facilities which meant families could travel. As soon as he could he asked to transfer aboard these family friendly starships, so he could be reunited with his family. He was assigned to the USS Constellation and his family joined him. A year later they had a son, Maxwell.

In 2364 the Refelian family transferred to the Galaxy class, USS Galaxy. Life for the Refelian family was happy and good until the Borg attacked Starfleet at Wolf 359 in 2367. Thankfully the Galaxy wasn’t close enough to respond but Fleur worried about what might have been. She decided it was safer to return home and raise the family. Harry agreed, reluctantly. He knew it was the right choice but found it hard not to see his family for long periods. Max doesn’t take the change well, he thinks his father has sent them away.

In 2370 Harry received some devastating news. Fleur had been killed in a shuttle accident. He takes extended leave from Starfleet to be with his family. The loss hits him hard, he seriously considers leaving Starfleet to raise his family. Both Fleur’s and his own parents convince him to stay in a job he loved and in which Fleur was proud of him the most.

Max blamed his father for his mother’s death. He was only 5 and didn’t understand fully what was going on.

Harry got back to Earth as much as his duties allowed. Paloma loves see her Dad while Max grew further away to the point of not wanting to see if father at all. This hurt Harry immensely but didn’t want to force the issue.

From 2372-2375, Harry wasn’t able to get home due to the war with the Klingons, the Borg attack and then the Dominion war.

Due to being away for so long, Fleur’s parents asked for Harry to stay away from his children. Max was very against his father and Paloma had grown accustom to not seeing her father. Harry accepted and kept away, only keeping in contact with letters.

Over the years Paloma grew distant as she worked hard with her schooling and her further education as she wanted to be a teacher.

Harry kept tabs on Max as well and was very proud when his son joined Starfleet academy in 2383.
Service Record 2344-2349 - Starfleet Academy - Cadet

2349-2352 - USS Vector - Operations Officer - Ensign

2352-2355 - USS Atreus - Operations Officer - Ensign

2355-2364 - USS Constellation - Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant JG/Lieutenant

2364-2367 - USS Galaxy - Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant

2367-2370 - USS Warrior - Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Commander

2370-2371 - Extended Leave due to personal bereavement

2371-2374 - USS Reynolds - Chief Operations Officer & 2XO - Lieutenant Commander

2374-2378 - USS Reynolds - Executive Officer - Commander

2378-2380 - USS Sirius - Commanding Officer - Captain

2380-present - USS Liberty - Commanding Officer - Captain
Medical History


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