Deck Listing

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Deck A

Tactical Information Center, Senior and Junior Officer Living Quarters

Deck B

TIC Maintenance Support Section, Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters

Deck C

Sail Torpedo Control Room, Sail Torpedo Launchers (Fore and Aft), Emergency Shield Generators 1-2, Senior and Junior Officer Living Quarters

Deck D

Sail Torpedo Magazine and Manufacturing Area, Senior and Junior Officer Living Quarters

Deck 1

Captain’s Ready Room, Main Bridge, Briefing Room, Observation Lounge

Deck 2

Junior and Senior Officers Quarters, VIP/Guest Quarters, Holosuites

Deck 3

Visiting Officers / Non-commissioned Officer's Quarters, Holodecks 1-3, Primary Shield Generators

Deck 4

Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Chief Science Officer's Office, Primary Science Labs, Junior and Senior Officers Quarters, Counselor's Office

Deck 5

Junior Officers and Crew Quarters, Main Lounge, Secondary Science Labs , Cargo Bay 1 & 2

Deck 6

Primary Computer Core Control, Tertiary Science Labs, Cargo Bay 3 - Primary Cargo Bay

Deck 7

Primary Computer Core, Shuttle Maintenance Hangar and Storage

Deck 8

Primary Computer Core, Flight Operations Armory, Shuttle Maintenance Hangar and Storage

Deck 9

Fore and Aft Torpedo Bay Control, Torpedo Magazine and Manufacturing Area, Shuttle Hangar Elevator Support Systems, Primary Shield Generators

Deck 10

Transporter Rooms 1 and 2, Shuttle and Preparation Pre-Flight Bay, Emergency Shield Generators 3-4

Deck 11

Primary Machine Shop, Primary Maintenance Support Center, Shuttlebay [Fore and Aft access via deck 12]

Deck 12

Primary Systems Support Compartments, Shuttlebay [Fore and Aft Access]

Deck 13

Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters, Secondary Shuttle Maintenance Hangar, Flight Deck Operations and Maintenance

Deck 14

Upper Engineering Support Area, Fusion Power Generators 1-4, Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters, Stellar Cartography, Lower Forward Torpedo Bay Control, Chief Tactical Officer's Office, Armory, Firing Range

Deck 15

Main Engineering - M/ARA Operations Center, Fusion Power Generators 4-6, Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters, Transporter Rooms 3 and 4, Chief Engineer's Office

Deck 16

Lower Engineering, Deflector Control, Main Tractor Beam Control and Emitter, Environmental Control, Secondary Computer Core, Null-G Gymnasium/Weight Room

Deck 17

Tertiary Maintenance Support Center, Emergency Power Generators 7-9, Secondary Systems Support, Brig

Deck 18

Secondary Environmental Control, Deuterium Storage, Anti-matter Storage Pods, Gravimetric Polaron Generators, Secondary Shield Generators